Namal Univeristy

A newly designed Namal Knowledge City and a series of outdoor spaces connect to become the heart of new campus.

Imran Khan envisioned a knowledge city rivaling the top educational institutions of the world.

To give life to this vision, Ar. Tony Ashai developed a Master Plan based on the international building standards promoting environmental sustainability in all aspects of design and construction, while also making sure that the culture of Pakistan, the history of the region, the local materials, and building techniques are all reflected in the design of Namal Knowledge City.

Owing to the challenging topography of the region; comprising of hills, ridges, and ravines, Ar. Tony Ashai has meticulously designed each aspect of the Master Plan keeping in mind factors such as easy accessibility, connectivity, levels, vistas, and user requirements in order to ensure the best possible experience for each individual.

With a mountain dividing the land from the middle, Ar. Tony Ashai has used this natural feature to his advantage and has separated the academic side from the residential side referred to as the North Campus and South Campus respectively. The North Campus features all buildings related to academia such as the iconic building, academic blocks, libraries, auditoriums, laboratories, and exhibition halls, whereas, the South Campus features a community town center comprising of retail shops, eateries, and associated facilities surrounded by student hostels, faculty apartments/townhouses and recreational clubs for both students and faculty. While both campuses are easily accessible through a main circular road, this division helps the users associate with North Campus as a place of work and South Campus as a place of leisure and relaxation which is beneficial when living on campus.

Full Master Plan

Namal Knowledge City

NKC plan

North Campus

Academic Block

State of the art auditoriums, airy buildings with plenty of natural light, and splendid views of the university attract students and faculty from all over the country. One of the most defining features of the Academic Blocks will be the main quad that would give students the space to enjoy the scenic views while walking from class to class.

Iconic Building

The central building of the North Campus will house one of the largest libraries in the country. It will further house state-of-the-art lecture halls, exhibition halls, performance galleries along with a museum that will display minerals and fossils extracted from our land.

Cricket Stadium

At Namal, physical fitness is as important as mental growth. A cricket stadium of international standards to promote teamwork, sportsman spirit, and a healthy lifestyle will be built as a part of the North Campus. This will attract inter-university competition, tourism and serve to train students that can go on to play internationally.

NKC plan

South Campus

Town Houses

A knowledge city is as good as its teachers. Beautiful townhouses with a view of Namal Lake will serve to attract the best minds in Pakistan who can build a home here and transfer their knowledge to our students.

Student Hostels

A change of scene after a tiring day helps to freshen and stimulate minds. Students can walk to the town center for recreational activities and a fun time with friends while residing in comfortable and modern dormitories. The stunning views to wake up to every day will be an exclusive bonus for Namalites.


Visitors of Namal Knowledge City will get the unique opportunity to stay at a hilltop hotel with hot sulfur springs flowing beneath it. They can enjoy a sunset at Namal Lake, go canoeing or explore the Namal Dam. This will not only attract new talent to the institution but also promote tourism and the sustainability of the knowledge city.

Town Center

The heart of the South Campus, the Town Center, will be a public square for networking, enjoying beautiful walks, or just hanging out with friends. This center of the residential area will be a hub of activity in the evenings with the sunset in the background

Commercial Building

As a complete city, all the needs of the residents will be catered for at the town center with the provision of all required facilities such as stationery shops, clinics, pharmacies, grocery stores, salons, security offices, etc. No hassle. No inconvenience. Everything is available a short walk away.

Health and Fitness

Gyms and indoor pools will be made available for the residents of Knowledge City. The best quality of life will be guaranteed to attract and retain talent while ensuring their physical and mental health.

Soccer Field

It's not just cricket, all sports are encouraged at Namal. A world-class soccer field will be added to the facilities at Namal Knowledge City. Students can learn soccer and train in it at international standards.

Full Master Plan

Namal Knowledge City

Total Land Area
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