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Annual Fundraising Dinners in Canada

Fri 12 Jan 2024 04:10 am
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In a resounding success for Friends of Namal, Canada, the Namal Education Foundation’s international chapter has once again showcased its unwavering commitment to education in Canada and Pakistan. Established in 2016 by dedicated Pakistanis, this chapter stands as a shining example of collaboration between Pakistani higher education and Canadian stakeholders.

Throughout the week of December 8th to 17th, a series of impactful fundraisers unfolded in key Canadian cities, including Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Hamilton, Toronto, and Montreal. These events, meticulously organised by the devoted team, contribute significantly to the primary objective: raising funds for Namal University in Pakistan.

The triumphant narrative of Friends of Namal, Canada is a living testament to the strength and dedication of the Pakistani diaspora. It exemplifies the transformative impact that collaboration can have on global education. This success story stands as a symbol of the power of collective efforts in fostering education globally. Whether in Canada or beyond, the support extended to Namal Canada remains integral to the continued success of this educational movement.


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